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Ditch Dry Eyes

Under normal circumstances, humans blink about 18 times a minute. But new studies show that when using cell phones, video games, tablets, and computers, we blink nearly three times less.

“If you’re not blinking enough, the surface of your eye is exposed,” explains Dr. Bazan. “The tears that normally bathe and protect the eye dissipate, leaving your eyes dry and easily irritated.” Dry eyes can make gaming and computing uncomfortable and less productive, and may even lead to chronic dry eye or long-term damage down the road.

Consider scheduling breaks throughout your day, posting a note with a prompt to blink, or downloading an application that generates automatic on-screen reminders. “Taking 5-minute breaks goes a long way in fighting fatigue,” Dr. Bazan explains. Grab a glass of water during those breaks to keep your eyes and body hydrated and healthy.

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