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Eye Injury Prevention Month: Ensure Your Safety

Did you know? According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology more than one million people suffer from eye injuries each year. Of those, an astonishing 90 percent could have been prevented had the person been wearing appropriate protective eye wear.As we wrap up July, Eye Injury Prevention month, take the steps towards protecting those peepers for a lifetime of clear vision.FIRST STEPS…

  • Evaluate your work space to identify hazardous areas.
  • Prepare for emergencies by making sure eyewash and a first aid kit are easily accessible.
  • Get educated on hazards and proper safety practices.


  • Undergo a comprehensive eye exam to help prevent accidents due to uncorrected or undetected vision problems.
  • Get fitted with the appropriate safety eyewear to protect your face which could include a consultation with an eye care professional. Don’t have vision insurance or know where to find a doctor? Enter your zip code on vspdirect.com to find savings on services.


When they don’t occur on the work bench, eye injuries are most commonly seen on the field.  The top sports for these types of injuries? Basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey and football.

Baseball tops the list with the most eye injuries in the United States. This is especially true for children under age 12.

The most common injury to occur during sports is corneal abrasion (or a scratched cornea). While this injury is rather painful it usually heals with no permanent damage. In most scenarios, corneal abrasions can be caused by the opponent’s fingers or elbows striking a player’s eye usually during aggressive play. Ninety percent of all eye injuries in sports can be prevented with the correct protective eyewear. Your VSP ophthalmologist can be a great resource and help you or your loved ones choose the correct protective eyewear for your sport.


Household chores, especially yard work, are yet another cause of eye injury. Before using power or motorized tools such as a lawnmower or power trimmer be sure to be aware of any debris, dirt or clippings that may become dangerous when projected out of the equipment. Always wear protective eyewear when doing yard work.

With more than 2,000 eye injuries happening each day, prevention is the first and most important step in protecting your eyes. If you do experience an eye injury, seek medical attention promptly.

Protect yourself by receiving routine eye health care through a VSP optometrist near you. Learn more about VSP Direct™ and individual vision insurance plans: Click here.

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