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Men’s Health: Something You Might Have Missed

You lift weights at the gym. You try your best to eat healthy. You drink plenty of water. But what about your eyes? Have you ever thought about what it takes to keep your vision healthy? If not, it’s time to do so as your eye health has a major correlation to the rest of your overall health.Part of staying healthy is making sure you’re on top of your preventative checkups. However, men tend to schedule half as many preventative health visits as women.Perhaps you don’t wear glasses or contacts and haven’t had any issues with your eyes. So, you think, “Why would I need to go the eye doctor every year?” It turns out that men have a higher mortality rate for most leading causes of death including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Early warning signs of these diseases can be detected through a comprehensive eye exam to ensure you’re staying on top of your health and can work with your care team to address any issues.

In partnership with an eye exam, you can also reduce your risk of certain eye diseases with proper nutrition. Research has shown nutrients such as lutein and zeaxanthin, found in leafy green vegetables and eggs, can support healthy vision. As well as vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc, which can be found in whole, unprocessed fruits and vegetables.

Take care of your vision health by scheduling an annual eye exam!

By Lauren E

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