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Retirement: A Focus on Eye Health

My father-in-law retired in the last year and as he mapped out what he needed to get done in preparation for his leave like 401k disbursement and HR paperwork it really brought to light the fact that very few employees put vision care coverage at the top of their list. He has always been very health conscious and is aware of the importance of eye health in particular and what that means post retirement, especially now more than ever due to my employment at VSP but not all people have the same understanding.My own ritual was always to complain about that extra digit now added to my age, over time and after having my son especially, I’ve come to appreciate each passing year more. I have also become more conscious of making sure that I am setting myself up to be around to celebrate more birthdays to come – both his and mine. There are daily things like meal prepping healthy lunches and preparing home-made dinners that help to check that box along with annual check-ups including a comprehensive eye exam. Did you know a visit for a comprehensive eye exam can give your optometrist indicators of other general health issues like high cholesterol or signs of diabetes? Here’s an idea of what you can expect at that annual eye exam visit.As you age, here are some the things your doctor will be looking for

  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD): This is the leading cause of blindness among seniors. However, early detection and treatment can slow its progress significantly.
  •  Glaucoma: Without regular eye exams, glaucoma often goes unnoticed until after vision is lost. It’s caused by too much pressure in the eyes. Early detection can allow your eye doctor to manage it effectively and prevent vision loss.
  •  Cataracts: Over time, the lens in the eyes can get cloudy and yellow. And while it is often a common part of aging, updated eyewear prescriptions can often delay surgery, which is typically easy and low-risk.
  • Diabetic retinopathy:  This affects diabetic patients and can lead to vision loss. The tiny blood vessels in the eye become damaged and allow fluids to seep into the eye.
  • Refractive errors: Over time, vision changes naturally and can increase with age. Annual eye exams will help keep your eyewear prescriptions up to date so you can see your best.

Looking for a way to meld the two concepts of healthy eating and being conscious of your eye health together? Try any of these eye healthy recipes. Healthy aging is all about the positive aspects of growing older and shinning a light on the fact that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself or in the case of eye health – ensure your future is bright and clear. Explore your benefit options in retirement and if you’re due for an exam, schedule yours today.

By Yessenia A on September 29, 2017

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