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Should You Be Concerned About Blue Light Exposure?

By the time the average American child reaches age 17, their eyes will have spent the equivalent of nearly six years looking at digital devices according to findings from a new survey by VSP. With so much screen time in today’s world, our eyes are being exposed to an unprecedented amount of high-energy blue light which is emitted from devices like smartphones, tablets, TVs, and even CFL and LED lights. Blue light has caused a huge increase in digital eye strain not only in adults, but also children. The blue light coming off our favorite screens is extremely difficult for the human eye to focus, which causes our eyes to work overtime to try and process it which can lead to headaches, tired eyes, and blurry vision.

From the classroom, to the office, and nearly everywhere in between, digital devices are becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. Yet, survey results show that parents are largely unaware of blue light and its impact on vision. So what can you do to reduce exposure to blue light? Explore the infographic below to learn more.

By Jace D on April 19, 2016

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