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Take Care of Your Investment!

Eyewear-care DON’TS……

  • Don’t wipe lenses while they are dry.  Debris can scratch them.
  • Don’t wipe lenses with paper products.  They can have rough fibers that will scratch your lenses.
  • Don’t use harsh chemical including BUG SPRAY or window cleaner.  These can harm your lenses and any coatings you may have on them.
  • Don’t put unprotected glasses in a purse, pocket or backpack.
  • Don’t leave glasses in a hot car.  Especially avoid the dashboard as the windshield acts like a magnifying glass and can warp the frame and the lenses.

Eyewear-care DO’S……

  • Do clean your lenses regularly with an eyeglass cleaner spray and a soft cloth.  You can also use warm water and a drop of dish detergent.  Keep the cleaning cloths clean by washing them regularly – you can put them in the washer with your clothes.
  • Do keep your glasses is their case.
  • Do lay glasses lenses “up”.  Do not let lenses rest against a hard surface.
  • Do use both hands to take glasses on and off.  Do keep them on your nose, not your head.  Misaligned frames cause visual disturbances.
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