Three Unexpected Workplaces Where Eye Safety Matters

When I think of occupations that should practice eye safety, the usual jobs that come to mind are construction workers, mechanics, and chemists.

However, there is a longer list of occupations that require eyewear protection. According to the Federal Occupational Health, an estimated 1,000 eye injuries occur in American workplaces alone. Of course, if you work in a field that deals with chemicals, flying particles, or radiation, it should be within work regulation to practice eye safety by wearing protective eyewear. I mean, it is the law.

While on the job, we may think that small, quick tasks are not “that big of a deal” during that time, but one thing leads to another and BOOM—life. So, using proper eye protection and following eye safety procedures is the best defense to preventing eye injuries. Below are three unexpected work environments where you could benefit from using eye protection.

Three unexpected work environments to protect your eyes:

1. Driving—To the cab drivers, and ridesharing services: Driving without UV protection can cause serious damage to your eyes. The sun’s UV rays can cause glare by bouncing off the reflection of other cars and hitting your eyes. Years of absorption can lead to serious health conditions. Quick solution? Wear polarized glasses or sunglasses to reflect UV Rays while you work.

2. Office setting—To my fellow office workers: I have two words for you, blue light. From my personal experience, I already know I’m at risk for macular degeneration. And I’m petrified of the day. Quick solution? Digital lenses can support your eye safety efforts while working on digital devices. I tried a pair of UNITY BluTech lenses, and at first I noticed the light tint on these lenses, but once my eyes adjusted to the lenses, I didn’t feel like a deer surrounded by headlights anymore.

3. Military—First and foremost, thank you. Stories of veterans making it home always warm my heart. And, discovering the fact that eye injuries accounted for 25 percent of all combat casualties was downright surprising. So please, if you’re going to protect your country, make sure to protect your eyes too.

By Dave Johnston

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