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What Are the Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses?

For all the benefits we receive from the sun, its light can pose some serious health concerns. Sunlight reflecting off smooth water, snow or flat roads can create glare which is not only annoying but can have a long-term impact on your vision such as causing cataracts. Blinding glare from the sun and snow blindness can even sunburn your eyes. Thankfully, polarized lenses can help to shield you against the dangers of the sun’s intense glare.

The Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

A virtually invisible filter can be built into the lenses of your sunglasses to eliminate the amount of reflecting light that enters the eye. Polarized lenses not only reduce glare, they make images appear sharper and clearer, increasing visual clarity and comfort. Available for prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, polarized lenses can be worn indoors by light-sensitive people, including post-cataract surgery patients and those continually exposed to bright sunlight through windows.

Most polarized sunglasses provide UV protection which is important in maintaining healthy eye sight. Just as we put on sunscreen to protect our skin, it’s critical that we protect our eyes from UV rays too.

Enhancing Your Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses can be combined with other features to enhance vision, such as bifocal sunglasses, progressive lenses, and anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings.

On this episode of “Ask an Eye Doc,” VSP network eye doctor, Joseph Allen, OD shares more about the benefits of polarized lenses and who they might be a good fit for.

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